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"Legion Force  Security is a great company. I had a lot of crime going on at my hotel including robberies the police was always slow to respond. I hired these guys and in two month there were a big different in crime they had  at least got the drug dealing out of my hotel and no  more robberies.

I would definitely recommend them

Monica Patel -Motel 6 Chattanooga TN

Our Company hired Legion Force Security on a short emergency notice.

We  needed security service immediately  for the prevention of a crime that  could have escalated into a major disaster. We spoke to a representative of the Company and she was very polite and professional. We gave her all the information pertaining to the needs of their security services. Within One hour we received a call back from this Company. We were impress with the short notice this company was able to provide us with good professional security guards to our needed in a good timely fashion. I would definitely recommended this company 



I was a little skeptical about this security company at first. I decided to give them an opportunity to provide security at several of my gas station locations.

I was glad to see that this company security guards was in uniform and they showed me that they could handle any  situations that was at my  gas stations without me having to tell them. They had supervisors checking on there people and they had walkie talkie radios like the police. I do not know whether this security company hires off duty police officer of not but the lady security guard acted like she was one she was alert vigilant and was not afraid to confront people that was loitering outside, and people that was attempting to drink alcoholic beverages on the lot. All the heavy illegal traffic from loitering, drug dealing and prostitution has ceased thanks to Legion Force Security.

                              MARATHAN GAS STATION- MEMPHIS,TN

Legion Force Security is a great company.

The men and women that works for them are very polite and professional.

They have eliminate most of my problems that needed security on my property.

I have checked up on my property after regular work schedule and I have saw that all of there security are visible and they even have a supervisor to check on them to make sure they are doing their job. My resident compliments this security company and they feel safe when they are present on duty.

I would say if you decide to use this company you will not be making a mistake.

Keep up the good work Legion Force Security

                  Hickory Point Apartment, Memphis,Tn

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